The Conscious Mind Cleansing and Enhancement


Benefits: helps to clear the user’s conscious mind of negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits that interfere with emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.


The human mind is the transmitter of consciousness. As such, human consciousness functions much like a band of stations one might find on a radio set. Some of the stations are easily identifiable, easily detectable with the tuning dial. The most commonly used and loudest channels would be analogous to the function of the conscious mind. We are generally accustomed to listening to and communicating with a set number of channels of perception that we call “awareness”.

The human mind has an amazing capacity for storage. We immediately record everything that we experience. However, these memories, experiences, thoughts, behaviors, are not stored in the most commonly used channels of awareness. The mind stores this information in a variety of sub channels. These channels are not commonly used and for the most part, are left to their own devices and forgotten unless some external stimulus triggers their resurrection.

This stored information has a profound effect upon our behavior. The way we react to the world, our friends, family, even to ourselves is largely determined by the information that we store within the mind.

Our newest product, The Conscious Mind Cleansing and Enhancement recording is designed to be the first product that actually addresses the area of conscious mind cleansing and hygiene.

Over time, the information that we store within the mind can become either a blessing or a curse. For most of us, it is generally a mixture of both. The Conscious Mind Cleansing and Enhancement recording is designed to gradually dissolve and eliminate negative and destructive mental and emotional energies that are stored within the mind. To accomplish this task, this recording employs a special series of powerful and penetrating tones and computer generated sounds that bore into the neurons and nerve pathways. Once there, the tones are programmed to detect and dissolve harmful patterns of energy.

Specially programmed subliminally embedded EMDR tones then help to encourage our own innate subconscious ability to eliminate these energy patterns.

The tones are also programmed to detect and nourish the seeds of energy that are helpful and growth-enhancing. These seeds lie dormant for the most part and are not energized within most of us. The specialized tones within The Conscious Mind Cleansing and Enhancement recording seek out and envelop these very precious seeds. They are then surrounded in a resonant cavity of nourishing energy that builds with each subsequent completion of the exercise.

Regular use of this recording will help the user:

Improve sleep……improve concentration…strengthen positive behaviors and thoughts….gradually reduce destructive thoughts and energies that interfere with the quality of life…..provide greater peace of mind….provide a greater sense of clarity…enhance creative energy…support increased emotional strength…..support mental, emotional, and spiritual growth…

We are happy to offer this very special one hour recording for $19.95. We suggest that the user take at least one hour after the completion of this recording for rest and relaxation.

Do not use this recording while driving, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in demanding or stressful activity.

For best effect, please use this recording at least once per week. Use with headphones is recommended. The Conscious Mind Cleansing and Enhancement recording includes a beautiful relaxation program that will gently guide you to a wonderful level of relaxation and peace.

The computer generated tones however are powerful and somewhat jarring. This is necessary so that the energies can penetrate down into the deep nervous system pathways and neurons.

Following each cleansing, we suggest that you take at least one hour for yourself and relax. If you can do this work at night right before bedtime that would be best.

This is a powerful and important tool for mental and emotional hygiene. With regular use, The Conscious Mind Cleansing and Enhancement recording will transform you in a very positive way.

Mitchell and Kathy Gibson

Price: $19.95


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