Spirit Attachment Removal

Benefits: removes attaching spirits from a room when played at loud volumes through loudspeakers, cleanses the human aura, removes negative entities from the body with regular use.


This CD is the first product we have developed which is a direct result of my own spiritual research. Shortly after my spiritual vision developed, I observed that tens of thousands of spirits (souls) are swept around by the winds of karma. Like feathers being blown around by the wind, like the gallop of wild horses, or like children without mothers, these spirits are constantly drifting from place to place. Witnessing this phenomenon for the first time was profoundly moving.

Some of these spirits are in the bardo, who have no control over their minds, wander aimlessly like vagrants. This is a very sad and unfortunate situation. They are generally untrained in the laws of the spiritual world and as a result, they have no true idea as to their true predicament.

These bardo spirits utter to themselves, What is going on here? Where am I? How did I end up like this? The sky is always grey, with no daylight or darkness to mark the day. Where exactly is this place?`

During the bardo state, a spirit may see his own corpse lying in the hospital and exclaim in shock, `I am dead!` The spirit usually cries, feels despair, and suffers in pain.

The deceased usually searches first for his home, his family, his place of work and his favorite things.

However, the deceased will learn that everyone is unable to see or hear him. His home, his office, and his favorite things no longer belong to him, and he is left with no place to call home. Yet the deceased also discovers that he has gained a certain ability in the bardo state. He finds that his body is more refined than the physical body and he can move freely through all obstacles, much like spiritual traveling. He can roam at will through any rocks, earth, houses, as well as mountains and rivers with ease, with the exception of holy places. He can be anywhere by just thinking about it.

He can see other bardo spirits similar to himself. These spirits will often learn to move in packs. If the bardo spirits have some spiritual development, they can observe the celestial planes and see divine beings. However, most spirits in the bardo are rather lost and confused in their mind and could settle only in the second dimensional worlds.

Some of the bardo spirits are attached to their physical bodies and hence become corpse-bound ghosts. Others are attached to their graves and then become graveyard ghosts. Some spirits are attached to their homes and thus become home-bound ghosts. Then there are those who are attached to their spouses and consequently become spouse-guarding spirits. Still others are attached to their wealth and therefore become wealth-holding spirits. Some are attached to their children and become child-guarding spirits. These cases signify a further degeneration for these spirits in the bardo planes.

I have also observed that some bardo spirits attach themselves to the bodies of their romantic partners, while others cling to those they hate. Some have chosen to attach themselves to statues and idols. These instances are known commonly as spirit possessions (these are attaching spirits).

Some bardo spirits are known to have a craving for sleep, and are always sleeping. Hence they become sleep-addiction ghosts. Other examples are wilderness ghosts, tree ghosts, water ghosts, blood-thirsty ghosts, swift-moving ghosts, fragrance-consuming ghosts, sea-settling ghosts, lust-craving ghosts, meat-eating ghosts, dreaming ghosts, ghosts with magical powers, impure ghosts, human energy-stealing ghosts, alcoholic ghosts, gambling-addiction ghosts, etc.

These attaching spirits are the cause of more than 80% of all the mental, emotional, and physical suffering found in this world. Since we cannot see them, we take them for granted. Unfortunately, this profound spiritual ignorance allows this situation to become worse year after year.

After years of research, I believe I have found at least a temporary way to address the problem. During my travels in my astral form, I met a man who had invented a device that utilized sound to remove attaching spirits. After a series of conversations with this man, who is not currently incarnate, I learned that discarnate attaching spirits are sensitive to certain high frequency sound waves. In particular, sound frequencies in the 10,000 hz range were particularly effective in causing them to flee an area. Exposures to this pure tone for at least 30 minutes was sufficient to remove even the most ardent ghost from a person, place, or thing.

The difficulty inherent in the process was that on earth, we almost never hear pure tones. Producing a pure tone in the range necessary to remove the entities would prove to be a daunting task. Ultimately, I was able to find a way to accurately produce the tone. In all the testing up to this point, the tone works just as well in this world as it did in his. When played at high volume in an open space, the attaching spirits in the area of the blast will depart within 20-30 minutes. Most will depart within minutes but the most stubborn will fight the broadcast.

Unfortunately, they will return over time if the blast is not repeated within 24-48 hours. I would recommend playing it at least once a day in order to clear yourself or a particular space.The tone is very high pitched and not at all suitable for a pleasant meditation. But then, that is not its purpose. Be careful not to damage your ears with the tone by playing it at too high a volume, especially while listening with headphones.


Instructions for Use

This recording may be played with or without headphones. If you play it without headphones for the purpose of removing negative entities from a room, play the recording in the room to be cleared for at least thirty minutes. The sound on the recording is not a pleasant tone. Be sure to adjust the volume so that the tone does not damage your speaker. Play the recording at least four to five times per day in order to keep the space clear. You may leave the area while the recording is playing. Some people play Spirit Attachment Removal through their home PA systems while they are away.

This recording may also be played with headphones. Remember, the sound on the recording is not pleasant. Listen to the recording for at least 30 minutes per day, four to five days per week for maximum effect. When used in this way, Spirit Attachment is very effective in removing negative thought forms, attaching entities, cords, and negative energy from the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the aura.

Do not use this recording while driving or operating hazardous equipment. Allow at least one hour after using this recording for rest and relaxation.

Product Testimonial


Dear Dr. G,

I was up until 2:30 last night chanting to God to heal my soul while listening to your Spirit Detachment YouTube video clip.  When I first listened to it after the session I felt the inside of my being HEAL.  The feeling was "as if" I was getting hit in the stomach but -in reverse.  It was the feeling of the reversal of a punch in the stomach -- contraction and inflation, with added warming and soothing.  It was powerful and I had to go lie down afterwards and soon fell asleep.  Later, I tried it again and the affects were not as dramatic but significant.  I'm so grateful for your products!  I will buy a couple of these cd's when I can manage it-  I worked with a variety of your YouTube clips last night and feel incredible today. 

This is important info I think:

About two years ago I experimented with the "Life Systems" and QXCI/EPFX/SCIO products.  Each of these systems begin a session with something called a stress test or sensitivity test.  The LIFE System is dangerously harsh.  I'm guessing that there are not many people who are sensitive to it, but I certainly was.  This may have been due to my own depletion of energy..  These products are so dangerous.  There are many scalar wave technologies out there, I just don't see how it can be good.  The other product that I've tried the SCI or QXCI, has a more subtle affect but since I was able to feel what the LIFE product could do from long distance (they were in Florida), I know how powerful this technology is.  It will soon be obsolete but alot of people are using these still.  

- My point is that when I listened to your healing sounds I felt the healing in the same area where I felt the literal acid like disintegration -feeling from the LIFE product as it went through the initial testing process for sensitivity or stress areas.  It felt as if it was literally eating away at my soul.  Everyone knows what it feels like when the physical body endures an injury in any given area of the body.  We can relate to the part of the physical anatomy and know what that feels like in that area.  --Well, the area that was healing as I listened to your Youtube clip was the same area that felt the disintegration affect of the LIFE product.  I now know that this was where the soul was getting assaulted by the testing process.  I wasn't sure before, I knew it was my energy field or-- something deep within, but wasn't certain since I've never felt my soul in this way before. 

Thanks again for everything Dr. Gibson!

Much Love and Gratitude! 





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