Sudden Fortune


The Supernatural Power

of Psalms 57

Sudden Fortune



Benefits:  greatly improved luck, justice and compassion in lawsuits, healing, sudden releases of blessing power and energy, increased spiritual power

There is no portion of the Bible that is as frequently read as the book of Psalms. It provides instruction, inspiration, motivation, and consolation. In this article we will present some background information regarding the Psalms which hopefully will help the Bible student as he considers the grand truths of this Old Testament document.


Facts about the Psalms

The book of Psalms is a collection of 150 lyric poems. A lyric poem is defined as “that which directly expresses the individual emotions of the poet.” Religious lyric poetry reflects the inner feelings of the person whose soul is stirred by thoughts of God. The Psalms are thus inspired responses of various individuals to God’s revelation of himself in the Old Testament era.


The Psalms were composed over a span of about one thousand years. The earliest was by Moses (Psalm 90) in the fifteenth century B.C., and a couple appear to be contemporary with the Babylonian captivity in the sixth century B.C. (Psalms 126 and 137). Some of these poems are not assigned authors (almost a third of them). Other composers are identified: one by Moses, seventy-three by David, twelve by Asaph, ten by the descendants of Korah, one or two by Solomon, one by Heman, and one by Ethan.


For several thousand years, men and women have used the psalms as a book of power and inspiration for every human situation.  Mystics, healers, saints, priests, and holy people from all over the world have leaned on the power of the psalms for inspiration, healing, and support.  There are magical formulas hidden within the words of the psalms that are designed to help mankind evolve.  These formulas help the seeker solve everyday problems, achieve higher states of consciousness, gain material and spiritual wealth, defend themselves against psychic and physical attack, and a host of other functions.


Psalms 57 is an ancient writing that allows the user to tap into the hidden resources of wealth that exist within the soul.  Each of us are born with a certain amount of spiritual and material wealth.  Most of this energy remains sealed up within the confines of the soul.  As we age, we tap into small amounts of this power, but we never really touch more than a few percentage points of its potential.


Sudden Fortune carries the ancient resonance of the magical formula of Psalms 57.  This resonance is hidden not within the English translation of the text, but in the Original Ancient Aramaic words.  These words are part of an ancient primordial language that is a great source of mystical and supernatural power.  Listening to the words and the soothing sounds of the background, gently coaxes the soul to release its treasures into the life of the listener.  Better health, greater wealth, improved relationships, and greater clarity regarding the purpose of life may result.


We called it Sudden Fortune because these energies will be released in sudden bursts of energy and power.  The process tends not to be slow and gradual.  One day the power seems not to be there, the next day, it is there in torrents.  This is our first recording of the supernatural version of the psalms.  We have used this energy with great result in the past and now we wish to share it with our followers.




                        The Original Aramaic Words of Psalm 57


La-M'na-tze»ach Al-Tash-chet  le-David mich'tam be-vor-cho mip-ney-Sha-ool bam-ara.


Cho-ne-ni  Elohfm cho»ne-ni  ki ve-cha cha-sa ya naf-shi oove-tzel-ke-na-fe-cha ech-se ad ya-a-vor ha-vot.


Ek-ra  le'Elohfm  Elyon  la-El go-mer a-lai.


Yish-lach mi-sha ma-yirn ve-yo-shi-eni che-ref sho-afi Sela yish-lach  Elohfm chas'do va-a-mi-to.


Naf-shi  be-toch  le-va»eem esh-ke-va lo-ha-tim b'ney-adam shi-ney-hem cha-nit ve-chi-tzim oo»le»sho«nam che-rev cha-da.


Ru»ma al-ha-sha-ma-yim Elohim al  kol-ha-a-retz ke-vo-de-cha.


Re-shet he-chf-nu  lif amai  ka-faf naf-shi  ka-ru  le-fa-nai shi-cha naf-lu ve»to-chah Sela.


Na-chon  li-bi  Elohfm na-chon li-bi ashf-ra va-a-za-me»ra.


Oo-ra che-vo-di oo-ra ha-ne-ve! ve-chi-nor a-ee»ra sha-char.


Od-cha va-a-mim Adonai aza-mer»cha baUoo-mim


Ki-ga-dol  ad-sha-ma-yim chas-de-cha ve»ad-sh'cha«kim ami»te cha


Ru-ma al-sha-ma-yim Elohfm al  kol-ha*a»retz ke-vo-de-cha


The combination of energy in this recording will help to activate healings and blessings in your life.  The energy of the sound will work on your aura, your energy body, your DNA, and the world around you to allow Our Creator to make major positive changes in your life.  We have witnessed hundreds and hundreds of miracles over the years with our recordings.  


The Original Miracle Prayer has been part of the greatest majority of these miracles.  We pray that these new recordings that we have been mightily blessed with will change your life and ease the suffering that we see in the world.


In order to use this recording, we recommend that the user allow it to play in the background for as long as possible.  Playing the sound through headphones on the affected parts of the body will help you battle whatever condition you have in a more effective manner.  The words given in the recording are spoken in the original Hebrew from the Bible and the translation is given above.


May Our Creator smile upon all of you and may this work heal the wounds of your soul.


Price: $29.95