Celestial Edition


                                                 Size: 1.75 inch diameter

Material: brass, iron

Antique Gold Lettering

Permanent Epoxy Dome Covering



The Celestial Edition of The Archangel Michael Medallion is designed to be more powerful than the original.  This edition of our bestselling medallion has been designed with weight, comfort, and ease of use in mind.  The medallion is a comfortable 1.75 inches in diameter and is much lighter than the original.  This edition has been constructed on the Celestial Cross.


The Celestial Cross is the template upon which all creation is designed.  It is the basic energy matrix from which all life draws its shape, form, and sustenance.  The Name of the Creator is built into this matrix.  Each angelic sigil is intimately connected to the Celestial Cross and derives its power and authority through that connection to the Creator. 


We have tested this new medallion extensively.  I am happy to announce that it is not only more powerful than the original, but it also has the added benefit of destroying the energy of chaos within the aura.  We have witnessed the medallion remove the red negative chaos energy from the aura of users.  The Archangel Michael Celestial Edition emanates a faint white light that can be seen by sensitives, digital cameras, and animals.  The medallion is covered with a permanent epoxy dome that will protect it from scratches and wear.

The Archangel Michael is one of the most powerful divinities in the celestial world.  He is the Demiurge, that is, the physical representation of the presence of God in our universe.  His primary areas of intervention in human affairs are spiritual protection and to rid the earth of fear.  He was the first angel created is often seen carrying a large sword.  This implement was instrumental in the defeat of the forces of darkness during the War of the Fall.

Since that time, The Archangel Michael has maintained vigilance over the domains between heaven and earth as Commander in Chief of the Celestial Armies.  During one of my visits to the Celestial World, I met with The Archangel Michael and two of his highest ranking generals.  The purpose of our discussion was the upcoming changes on our planet and the role that they were to play in the protection of key humans on earth. During the conversation, I noticed that each of the generals, including The Archangel were wearing large golden medallions affixed to their armor.

The Medallions glowed brightly as if illuminated from within by a powerful light source.  I inquired humbly as to the purpose of the medallion.  The Demiurge informed me that the medallion was worn by all who served in the Celestial Army and was a sign of Allegiance to the Light.

He then said that the medallions do not yet exist in your world.  The Demiurge smiled and said plainly,

 “You could change that.”

A few months after that vision, one of my advanced students called me and asked if I were planning to build a medallion that glowed like the Sun.  She then drew a very good likeness of the medallion depicted above.

I labored for some time drawing, designing and sketching, to bring The Archangel Medallion into our world.  It was one of the most challenging and difficult tasks I have ever undertaken.

The Archangel Michael Medallion is designed to be the most powerful spiritual protection tool on the planet.  It is an exact representation of the Seal of Power worn by the Divine Warriors of the Celestial Army of Heaven.

This medallion is empowered by the Names of God that are associated with protection of the body, mind, and spirit. 

The Medallion is designed to last a lifetime and may be worn, place in a pocket, or hung in a home or place of residence.  The medallion has been charged and blessed to resonate with the very same holy medals worn by the Army of the Demiurge.

The presentation of The Archangel Michael Medallion is a great honor.  All who own this medallion will show their allegiance to the Celestial Army of Light for which it was designed.

This allegiance confers great protection, celestial light, and blessing to the owner.


Peace and Blessings;


Mitchell and Kathy Gibson

      1. Product Testimonial


I am humbled in amazement with the medallion. it is one of the most beautiful works of art that i've seen. the devotion, love and light that went into radiates every time i see it. when i held it within the sun light rays did not reflect from it, rather they originated from within. i wore it my pocket the past two days...placed it on my chest with the lamp shining over me...sits on my alter in my bedroom as well...this is a gateway like no other i have experienced...simply running my fingers over the inscribed letters on the back transforms all surroundings. it is a magnificent piece of not only craftsmanship, but of power. there are deep facets within this piece that require deeper exploration as this piece is beyond a protection piece...

Pedro* California


Hello Mitchell!

I just want to tell you that I´ve had the most wonderful experience with the Archangel Michaels medallion.

You are truly the most divine to have made this medallion - that is not of this world. I share the medallion with my children, so they also can experience healing energy from it, so we all be whole. I hadn´t had the medallion for more than a week, so I thought it was my turn to have it. It was late in the evening and I was going to bed, I lay down and put it on my chest, near the heart, I was starting to pray the Ana b´Koach.

I don´t remember if I finished it, I came into another dimension and i had a clear vision of someone going down on a stair with bowl in his hands, and from the bowl there was a fire/flames. I thought it was strange, but the vision continued and I could see the medallion transformed into pure energy and it melted in my body, and there was also a light ray from the medallion up in the sky.

I was totally into it, I think it lasted some minutes. Then I just fell asleep. Next day I woke up and every day now since this happening (a couple of days ago) a feel a great change in me. 

I´m greatful.  I haven´t words for this gift that has come to me because of you Mitchell.  You are the most wonderful, you have helped me so much to transform myself in a way I wanted so much.

One day ( a week ago) when I was intensely praying and asking for Gods blessing suddenly Archangel Michael showed himself right in front of me, I always thought that the paintings of him was fantasies but with my own eyes (third eye) he was there in shining armour and with his sword, everything shining purer than the sun and gold together!

He was so beautiful and with endless strength , and I´m still breathless after the experience...... just had to tell you, if it wasn´t for you I don´t know if I had done that prayer at this time.

Of course I still have a lot of work with myself so I continue to pray. But I guess you understand my happiness because of so many concrete results.

You are truly a being of divine goodness, pure bliss and love.

Thank you for your work.

Love and blessings 



Price: $300.00

IMPORTANT NOTE: "The ribbon on which the medallion is placed is for presentation only. We highly recommend that you find a necklace that is more durable and lasting to replace the ribbon onto which the medallion is attached as soon as you are able, as we will not be responsible for lost medallions."