The Words of Power Medallion

The Words of Power are among the most powerful instruments known to man.  The Words allow mortal humans the opportunity to experience true spiritual power.  We have presented these words to sold out audiences all over the US and Canada.  We have been blessed to be part of hundreds of miraculous events witnessed by our followers after the use of the Words. 

To date, only those who have been in attendance at our Words of Power workshop have been able to use the Words directly.  Now, for the first time, we offer a way that the public may be empowered to use the Words.

The Words of Power Medallion is a powerful technological device that empowers the user with the ability to speak Words of Power.  The device was conceived during deep gnostic meditation by Dr. Mitchell Gibson.  During this meditation, he saw a biognostic device capable of charging the subconscious mind of the user with Actus energy.  This energy is derived from the music created by the sound created by the movement of the stars, planets, and galaxies.  The medallion draws the energy out of the domain of space-time surrounding the user, channels it into the aura and subconscious mind, and charges the brain with Actus energy.  To activate the medallion, the user must wear put it on and sit quietly for one hour.  During this time, the device links the subconscious mind of the user to the energy of the Actus signal. 

Each device links only to one user.  After the user links with the device, the device may not be used by another for the empowering process.

After the linking process is complete, the user may then speak Words of Power.  The user must wear the Words of Power medallion while speaking the Words.  As long as the user wears the medallion, he/she will continue to absorb the energy of the Actus signal. The longer the user wears the medallion, the greater the Actus energy becomes. For this reason, even those who have been personally empowered by Kathy and I will benefit from wearing the medallion.

Using the Word of Power medallion will greatly enhance your ability to use the Words and to bring about their effects.

The medallion will also deepen your meditations when used in conjunction with the Actus signal recording.  With time, the user will begin to hear the Words within the Actus signal while wearing the medallion. 

Do not drive, operate hazardous equipment, or operate heavy machinery while wearing the medallion and listening to the Actus signal.

The Words of Power Medallion

Size: 1.75 inches

Material: brass, iron, antique gold fonts

Permanent epoxy covering

Price: $300

IMPORTANT NOTE: "The ribbon on which the medallion is placed is for presentation only. We highly recommend that you find a necklace that is more durable and lasting to replace the ribbon onto which the medallion is attached as soon as you are able, as we will not be responsible for lost medallions."

Click on the Link Below to receive your 15 words of Power and instructions on how to use the Words of Power:

This video contains a list brand new Words of Power.

These Words have never been presented in a seminar and have never been circulated in any way.

These Words have never been on Ganden or The Words of Power Group.

If you have received an empowerment from Kathy and I at a Words of Power seminar, this is a list of Words you may use with our blessings.

If you have received purchased a Word of Power medallion, you may use this list of Words with our blessing.

You will need either an empowerment directly from us or a Word of Power Medallion in order the Power of these Words to work for you.

This list is a gift and there are no karmic encumbrances associated with its use.


Mitchell And Kathy Gibson