The Wealth Giver: This stone allows the user to gain abundant material and emotional riches in his/her life. The stone is empowered by The Goddess Lakshmi and is very powerful.

80 - 140 Carat Wealth Giver Stone: $300.00

Instructions for Use

In order to use your gemstone, please follow the directions below.

For a man, place your gemstone in your right hand, (left hand for a woman) and repeat the enclosed prayer the recommended number of times.

Concentrate upon your desired intent while you repeat the prayer in the manner prescribed. After completing the prayer, place the gemstone in a clear container of water.

If your stone requires multiple days of prayer preparation, please do not place it in the water until you have completed the entire preparation.

Place the container with the water and stone in a window exposed to sunlight. Leave the gemstone and the water in the sunlight for seven days.

After seven days have passed, take a sip of the water within the container. When the container is close to empty, you may refill it with water as often as you like. The energy of the stone will gradually become absorbed into your system.

If you miss a day of sipping the gemstone elixir, you may take a makeup sip the next day. If you miss three days, you may take three sips when you to make up. Do not take more than one sip per day otherwise. The stone is powerful. One sip is all you need.

Peace and blessings;

Mitchell and Kathy Gibson

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